Friday 12th July 7.30pm

The Grass Roots Court



Rachmaninov   Trio Elégiaque No. 1                   

Prokofiev          Grand Waltz and Winter Fairy from Cinderella    

Tchaikovsky     Andante Cantabile for string quartet         

Shostakovich    5 pieces for 2 violins and piano            

Shostakovich    Piano Quintet in G Minor op 57


Russia: the anguish, the ecstasy

Kathron Sturrock        piano

Paul Barritt         violin

Catherine Yates      violin

Louise Williams    viola

Josephine Horder    cello

This programme from four Russian giants takes us from Rachmaninov, one of the last great representatives of romanticism through to Shostakovich, who more than any other Russian composer of the Stalinist period, experienced growing disillusionment with the Soviet Union which he expressed covertly in his music. Often his solemn tone produces works of captivating intensity. Prokofiev, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the early 20th Century, could charm as no other with a fairytale world in his ballet music. Cinderella is an imaginative masterpiece with childlike allure. Tchaikovsky wrote the Andante Cantabile movement of his first string quartet after hearing it whistled by his house painter. Such was the affecting power of this melody, it is said that on hearing it, Tolstoy himself was moved to tears.

Kathron Sturrock's judicious touch and perfect ensemble reminded us that she is one of the most stylish chamber music pianists around’.(Musical Pointers)

‘Barritt’s rough-hewn tone and laser-like top register is ideal for this music, and there’s also warmth and suavity of expression; his spot-on intonation and overall clarity is enviable.’ (The Classical Source)